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Student Loan Bubble Part 4: The Con and Economic Literacy

Student debt is a symptom of our lack of economic literacy RedState 26 October 2011 Kevin Holtsberry

“This is also a classic example of politicians blindly declaring something a universal good and then making policy that not only ignores economic reality but undermines the economy and harms people (see, housing policy). We blithely declare that everyone should go to college and set up a system that allows anyone breathing to borrow large sums of money with no consequences or connection to reality and wonder why the system doesn’t function. Soon we have millions of people with massive debt and very little to show for it.”

Like The Housing Bubble: “Through student loans and subsidies America has set a policy of pushing everyone no matter what their educational preparedness, emotional or financial stability, nor their future career prospects to go to college; and allow them to borrow money heavily to do it.” READ MORE RedState26October 2011




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