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Student Loan Bubble Part 3: The Higher Education Con

It is foreseeable what will happen to the student loan bubble. Ask youR federal and state elected officials to stop the subsidies. Not only do the subsidies that taxpayers are forced to pay misallocate scare resources, they create a debt burden on recipients that weighs heavily upon them and ultimately  lowers their standard of living.




Rush Limbaugh Big Education Racket  27 October 2011

 Obama’s Student Loan Fraud October 27, 2011 

Occupy wants free money and Obama promises it to them. As government subsidized loans increased, the price of tuition increased. Who could have foreseen that subsidizing Big Education would raise the price? ( as well as misallocating resources.)

Conn Carroll follows up with more on the Obama’s Student Loan “faux forgiveness” program. Obama can only hope that the Occupy protestors will buy this phony rhetoric..again.

Past Students Not Eligible for Obama Student Loan Bailout


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