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School Choice Daylin Leach Part 10: DC Vouchers Saved; Progressives Oppose Vouchers for Poorest Kids in Worst Schools- Obama to Leach

Education News  House Majority Leader Republican John Boehner and Good Democrat Joe Lieberman Save DC Voucher Program  Monday June 25th, 2012  Julia Lawrence

Earlier this month, National Review’s Mona Charen called out the President for seeking to defund a program allows participants to enroll in the same excellent school that he had chosen for his own daughters. Two of the program’s participants attended Sidwell Friends, thanks to the vouchers, which is also the President’s daughter Sasha and Malia go to school.

The President is on record opposing the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program because it doesn’t actually improve student academic outcomes.  However according to the data collected by the Black Alliance for Education Options, students who take advantage of the scholarships graduate high school at an astounding 91% rate. This exceeds the graduation rate of those who qualify for the scholarship but don’t take advantage of it by more than 20%.

Sidwell Friends, where the President and First Lady send their children. Vouchers allow the poorest kids in DC to attend the same school as the children of the President of the United States.

Obama’s Education Hypocrisy — Again   The president tries to kill a successful scholarship program by Mona Charen May 25, 2012




Like the President, two faced, Daylin Leach chooses the exclusive, elite and expensive Shipley School. Education Improvement Tax Credits would allow a Pennsylvania business person to fund a scholarship for a poor kid, currently forced to attend a failing and often violent school, to attend the same school Daylin Leach sends his kids.  How could Senator Leach, a father himself  oppose this type of opportunity for a child?

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