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School Choice Daylin Leach Part 9: Daylin Defends “public” Schools; Public Doesn’t.

Lack of Confidence in Public Schools at an All-Time High  Lindsey Burke 21 June 2012 Heritage  Last week, Gallup released its annual “Confidence in American Institutions” poll, which the company has conducted since 1973. This year’s results revealed that just 29 percent of Americans have confidence in the nation’s public schools.

Daylin Leach’s solution to failing  schools is to spend more and more taxpayer money. In a climate where the public has very little faith in these schools to begin with this policy is only making things worse.  If people are competent enough to vote, you would think that we are competent to spend our own money and choose the schools we think best for our kids,  rather than having government bureaucrats force our children to attend schools they think are best. Daylin Leach opposes School Choice but offers no alternative.  This ultimately forces parents to send their kids to violent schools where they have little hope to learn.

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