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Liberty Index Update June 2012 Part 10: Key Votes – REAL ID NON-PARTICIPATION ACT – Government Control of Biometric Data

Biometric National IDs and Passports: A False Sense of Security  22 June 2012 Right Side News Katitza Rodriguez presents fascinating information about government passport and national ID. Thanks to Senator Mike Folmer, Pennsylvania passed Act 38 of 2012 REAL ID NON-PARTICIPATION ACT 



Senator Folmer’s vigilance has raised the profile and called attention to the dangers and inadequacies of a national biometric ID

Regulators in several jurisdictions continue to romanticize the security and accuracy of face, fingerprint, and automatic iris recognition, biometric technologies. However, the existence of a significant amount of falsified biometric identification documents raises questions as to whether these technologies are too unreliable to prevent fraud, thus providing individuals and governments with a false sense of security. READ MORE RIGHT SIDE NEWS 22 June 2012




The dangers are clear:


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