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School Choice Daylin Leach Part 7: Good Democrat Eugene DePasquale from York – Willing to Give a Urban Kids a Chance- Suburban Democrat Leach Willing to Imprison Poor Kids in Violent Schools That Don’t Teach

Unlike Main Line Daylin Leach, York Democrat Eugene DePasquale supports Education Improvement Tax Credit and this video presents real world Logos Academy.  6:15 minute Video Logos Academy  The Teacher is parent when parent isn’t there.  Hope and Choice and that education starts at home. This is a very powerful video with authentic voices in support of Education Improvement Tax Credits  More on Logos Academy



“Why do parents, community leaders and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle support the decade-long success of Educational Improvement Tax Credits (EITC) in Pennsylvania? Simple, it works! Hear from those who have seen with their own eyes, in their own communities, how educational options help kids learn, save lives and taxpayer dollars. There is only one problem with EITC [Education Improvement Tax Credits]  they say: There just isn’t enough it to go around. Find out what lawmakers can do to create more schools like Logos Academy in York that are transforming lives while saving money.”  Commonwealth Foundation

  Good Democrat Eugene DePasquale representing City of York willing to give kids and their parents choice and hope and a chance to escape violent schools that don’t teach. Urban Democrat Eugene DePasquale in touch with real world of urban parents.






Bad Democrat Daylin Leach willing to imprison kids in violent schools that don’t teach while his kids go to The Shipley School, in Bryn Mawr, in the wealthiest section, in the wealthiest municipality, in the wealthiest county in Pennsylvania.  Daylin Leach, out of touch, in suburban, white, affluent Upper Merion, away from the ugly reality of many parents. Daylin Leach, financed by status quo government teachers’ union sends his kids to non union private school.  Does two faced hypocrite begin to describe Daylin Leach.

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