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Daylin Leach School Choice Part 3: Germantown High School and The Shipley School – Compare and Contrast

Germantown High School is about 10 miles, 30 minutes, from The Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, Lower Merion, one of the wealthiest sections in one of the wealthiest municipalities in one of the wealthiest  counties in Pennsylvania. The Shipley School seems to have a very active Alumni [Facebook]

[The Shipley School was founded] in 1894 by three sisters, Hannah, Elizabeth and Katherine Shipley, as a school to prepare young women to enter Bryn Mawr College, the school began admitting boys in the 1970s. This academic year it had a total enrollment of 847, with 344 in the upper school.READ MORE on The Shipley School’s expansion The Main Line Times 3 June 2010.



Germantown High School ….” Rape

  Crime Lurks READ MORE Philadelphia Inquirer 12 May 2012

The Inquirer wins well-deserved Pulitzer Prize for Assault on Learning, an in-depth,  multi-part report on violence in Philadelphia Schools. The government, including Democratic Senator Daylin, financed by PSEA, forces mothers to send their kids to these violent schools.

” The seven-part series, “Assault on Learning,” revealed that violence in city schools was widespread and underreported, with 30,000 serious incidents over the last five school years. Those findings were later corroborated by a Philadelphia School District “blue-ribbon” dpanel on safety, who spurred an overhaul of incident reporting in the district, and prompted the hiring of a state-funded safe-schools advocate.mThe idea for the series, which ran March 27-April 3, 2011, emerged after racial violence erupted among students at South Philadelphia High School in December 2009.”  READ MORE Inquirer 16 April 2012 and entire Assault on Learning serial report 27 March – 3 April 2011


As far as I know, the situation in Philadelphia has not gotten any better. There are no metal detectors at Shipley which is, probably, one reason suburban Democratic PSEA financed Senator Daylin Leach sends his kids to Shipley….because he can.



   From Vote Daylin for State Senate web site  the party of slaveholders Jefferson and Jackson doesn’t seem worried about Separate and Unequal Schools.




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