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Liberty Index Update June 2012 Part 4: Key Votes – More on Act 13 and Act 18 – Political Subsidies Imposed on Productive Taxpayers

Act 13 of 2012, like Act 18 of 2012, is a political settlement among many competing interest groups.  The term “Fee” is used because Republicans need to maintain the false image of The Forgotten Taxpayer’s BFF.  While a more accurate picture is that of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Act 13 is a piece with Act 18 of 2012 has been reported by State Impact, a production of WHYY and NPR which, like Penn State itself, receive significant government taxpayer subsidies. For a different perspective on the same facts, see The Unseen Effect of Cracker Credits 5 June 2012 Nathan Benefield Commonwealth Foundation   Tax policy and government-directed taxpayer subsidies have “external” impact themselves, many unforeseeable by even the most brilliant and insightful experts. If they were predictable we would not be in the jobs, debt, deficit and spending mess we are in.

My view is that all of us, well not all…the 1% wherever they lie on the political spectrum, will not miss a golf game… and it is critical to get this policy right. My bias is Free Market, which works better than the Big Government Statist direction provided by the academic experts. I am active with Tea Party (most definitely, not the 1%) around the State and most of us see Marcellus Shale and lower residential, energy costs as a benefit.   Also as a small businessman, I  see the benefits on my monthly financial statements.

Pennsylvania Controlled Government is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and The Forgotten Taxpayer is dinner. Democrats  of course cannot be trusted with money because of ideology and self-interest in funding the public sector unions  and unionized contractors who fund the party as a business investment.

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