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Daylin Leach School Choice Part 2: Chooses Shipley For His Kids -PSEA Finances Daylin Leach and Likes It Like That

Daylin Leach uses his own money to send his kids to Shipley,   the school he thinks is the best choice for his kids. That is what good parents do.

That choice, and the resources to effect that choice, are the Pennsylvania Constitutional Right of every parent and every child, not just hypocritical phonies like Daylin Leach who relentless and vociferously oppose choice.

Pennsylvania spends $26 billion on government schools. Directing a small percentage to go to choice for the poorest kids on worst schools, a policy which Daylin Leach, a private school parent, and his PSEA financiers, vehemently and relentlessly, oppose.  In my opinion this would go along way in improving education in Pennsylvania. Eventually that choice would be expanded. At all times  parents would have a choice to send their kids to unionized, government, bureaucratic, monopoly schools if they thought it best.


What’s good for Daylin is good for the ghetto mom, don’t you think? 


Or, here’s a choice a Harrisburg mom made  that Daylin Leach and his wife don’t have to make

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