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Daylin Leach School Choice Part 1: The Choices Democrats Make – Daylin Leach; Shipley – For Everyone Else; Government Issue K-12 Union Schools

Wouldn’t the opportunity of going to a school of a parent’s choice ameliorate this situation. Not everyone learns well in in industrial sized, 1920’s factory schools. Mega schools are not suited to everyone’s learning differences. Giving parents the resources, through Education Improvement Tax Credits, or Vouchers, would allow them to finance a school closer to home and better suited to needs of their kids.They can still choose to be bused to government K-12 schools. Or not….see Daylin Leach, Democratic State Senator from Lower Merion.

This situation arose because the government has a de facto monopoly on K-12 education in Lower Merion and because most parents are forced to use the government K-12 schools. If people are competent enough to vote, they are, certainly, competent enough to spend their own money and competent enough to choose the best school for their own kid.

Of course, Democrats don’t necessarily practice what they preach. Senator Daylin Leach, government schools are not for his kids, are they? Shipley for Daylin’s Leach’s kids; for everyone else, the government schools. It is good to have the choice.



Family Picture from Vote Daylin web site used to promote his political candidacy

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