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Jerry Sandusky’s Enablers: Sen. Jake Corman – Penn State’s $2 Billion Dollar Man – The Shame of Penn State and Its Enablers

LIBERTY INDEX 2012 Penn State’s Two Billion Dollar Man  

The Senator from Penn State and the Rape of a Ten Year Old: What Did He Know and  When Did He Know It?  A Cynical Quisling Republican Collaborator Finances Big Business Billion Dollar Penn State but hey…. Gary Shultz Needs His Pension

The Shame of Penn State and Its Enablers

Republican State Senator Jake Corman inherited the 34th State Senatorial District from his father in 1988 who had held the seat since 1977 and is now chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee where he is one of the most powerful people in the State.

The Corman Dynasty has held power in Centre County for 34 years.

 Senator Corman is, also, the Senator from Penn State which is located in Centre County.


Penn State’s Senator Jake Corman Taxpayer Abuser         Penn State’s Child Abuser  Jerry Sandusky

What do they have in common?   Senator Corman donates about a quarter of a billion dollars a year (of taxpayer money) to Penn State, a billion dollar big business tax exempt corporation. Senator Corman, an enabler, is he not?

In the past 9 years, Centre County/Penn State Senator Jake Corman has voted to give about a QUARTER BILLION Taxpayer Dollars a year,  more than $2,000,000,000 over 9 years– Two Billion Dollars that  Pennsylvania Taxpayers were forced to give to Penn State’s Administrators, Staff, Faculty because, you know… there aren’t any other colleges or universities in Pennsylvania and the subsidies keep tuition from rising on middle class.

Act 14A of 2011

Act 10A of 2010

Act 15A of 2009

Act 7A of 2008

Act 10A of 2007

Act 10A of 2006

Act 9A of 2005

Act 9A of 2004

Act 10A of 2003


The tuition increase along with state aid will help support a total university budget of just over $4 billion. Tuition and fees produce a third of the university’s revenue.

History of the tuition increases for in-state freshman students attending Penn State’s State College campus. Penn State’s undergraduate tuition rates vary:

  • 2009-10 — 4.5% $13,604
  • 2008-09 — 5.9% $13,014
  • 2007-08 — 5.5% $12,284
  • 2006-07 — 5.6% $11,646
  • 2005-06 — 5.9% $11,024
  • 2004-05 — 12% $10,408
  • 2003-04 — 16% $9,296
  • 2002-03 — 13.5% $8,008
  • 2001-02 — 7.8% $7,054


In February of 2001, a ten year was raped; ten years later the charges are filed.

In February 2001 , a ten year old was raped by a respected member of the community and deeply involved with the Second Mile a charity for children he founded, Jerry Sandusky, and the act was witnessed by a credible witness. Yet, there was no arrest until November 5, 2011 with additional charges December 7, 2011  ( and Amended Information May 2012) and during that time additional incidents of sexual abuse of children occurred by the Jerry Sandusky.  Who heard the cry of the child? Who defends the defenseless?


While there a soft drum beat, and not so soft one,  that then Attorney General Corbett buried the investigation, one has to wonder that no one else came forward. Did no one at Penn State hear the cry of the child? Did no one at Penn State with its well paid administrators not know? And what did the Senator from Penn State know and when did he know it. And was Joe Paterno a fall guy to distract attention from others who knew and said nothing?

What would he have done if it were one of his kinds and not a disadvantaged, weak and vulnerable, helpless child?


“It is weakness rather than wickedness which renders men unfit to be trusted with unlimited power.” — John Adams, 1788

“Those who have been once intoxicated with power and have derived any kind of emolument from it can never willingly abandon it.” — Edmund Burke


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