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Jerry Sandusky, Attorney General, Now Governor, Tom Corbett, Penn State and Attorney General Candiate Dave Freed – Novermber 6

Penn State Jerry Sandusky has been convicted for serial child molestation spanning about 15 years, including, rape of a 10 year old.

The question is Where Was Law Enforcement? Where Were the Trustees and Administrators of Penn State?

The Voters of Pennsylvania have subsidized Penn State with $2 billion dollars in past 9 years. Where was the Senator from Penn State, Senator Jake Corman, as he appropriated money to an institution that has not only raised tuition over the period but also covered up a serial child molester and child rapist?

Tom Corbett, personally, hand picked Dave Freed as the Republican Candidate for Attorney General (election 6 November 2012) and entire Republican Harrisburg Establishment, including Senator Jake Corman, is backing Dave Freed (and the Governor) for Pennsylvania Attorney General. In my view, Tom Corbett, personally, chose Dave Freed to cover up the Republican Attorneys General cover up of Sandusky crimes against children.





The Criminal

      The Cover Up

     Dave Freed for Attorney General      Who Is Behind Him?  Republican Senate Appropriations Chair Jake Corman and the entire Senate Republican Leadership….Enablers All  40 years of One Party Rule in the Attorney General’s Office is enough. Time for  a Prosecutor, Not a Politician.



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