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CNN Down; WaPo Way Down

The Washington Post Co. reported its first-quarter earnings on Friday, and the news coming out of the newspaper division was mostly grim. The unit lost $22.6 million in the quarter, with revenue down 8% and revenue from print advertising specifically falling 17%.

Meanwhile, the Post just reported one of the biggest circulation drops of any major newspaper with the lucrative Sunday edition selling 5.2% fewer copies and the daily edition skidding almost 10%.  READ MORE Forbes 7 May  2012    READ MORE WaPo Financial Statement $31 Million Dollars  first quarter although WaPo newspaper division lost money  and Breitbart  8 May 2o12

CNN, with its vast news-gathering resources and a heap of international channels, is set to make nearly $600 million in operating profit this year, a record high, for its parent company, Time Warner. CNN Ratings Decline Causing Concern

In April 2011, CNN had an average of 451,000 viewers at any given time, more than the cable news channel MSNBC’s 428,000. The month included the much-watched royal wedding in Britain. But this April, an unusually quiet month in the news business, CNN had an average of 357,000 viewers, its lowest monthly average since August 2001. MSNBC held steady with 425,000.

CNN long ago ceded the No. 1 position among cable news channels to Fox News. But now CNN seems to be ceding the No. 2 position to MSNBC. In prime time, the most lucrative part of the day, CNN has had fewer viewers than MSNBC for 22 of the last 24 months. (CNN usually has more viewers than MSNBC during the day, however.)  READ MORE NYTimes 2 May 2012

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