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The Rhetoric and The Record: Republican Appropriations Chair Bill Adolph – Reality Matters



Republican House Leadership Rep. Bill Adolph, Appropriations Committee Chair

Bill Adolph is NOT The Forgotten Taxpayer’s BFF

The Rhetoric Rep. Adolph’s Official Web Site

Member of the House since 1989 Rep. Bill Adolph is Chair of the Republican House Appropriations Committee and Rep. Adolph voted for everyone of Governor Rendell’s Bankrupting Budgets: Republican House Leadership controls the agenda and controls the caucus money. Leadership is responsible for the mess we are in.

The Record – Rep. Bill Adolph’s Votes for Democratic Governor’s Ed Rendell’s Bankrupting Budgets  AND Act 130 of 2011 – Capital Budget $1.6 billion dollar debt

2010 YEA Governor Rendell’s Last Budget

2009 YEA Governor

2008 YEA Governor

2007 YEA Governor

2006 YEA Governor

2005 YEA Governor

2004 YEA Governor

2003 YEA  Governor Rendell’s First Budget


With a “YEA” vote for Capital Budget  Act 130 of 2011, Rep. Bill Adolph    added $1.6 billion dollars in debt to Pennsylvania’s Forgotten Taxpayer’s financial burden.

And, simultaneously, voted millions for billionaire corporations: Comcast, Janney Investments, Teva Pharmaceuticals, ShopRite, Franklin nt




$1,970,000 to to Philadelphia Democrat Arlen Specter Library -Philadelphia University‐ (line 505-2011)

$10,000,000 to Democrat John P. Murtha Center for Public Policy Cambria County (line 506-2011).


$850,000 to Philadelphia Democrat Chaka Fattah’s Philadelphia House of Umoja (RACP Philadelphia)

Project List Approved by Republican General Assembly and Governor 19 December 2011

RACP List Philadelphia 19 December 2011 approved by Republican General Assembly and Republican Governor


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