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Liberty Index Part 10: Act 22 of 2011 – Public Welfare Reform

  Act 22     Jun 30 2011       HB 960 Public Welfare Code – omnibus amendments

TIER 3 FOR LIBERTY – “yea” vote will add 50 points to Legislator’s or Governor’s grade and a “nay” vote will subtract 50 points from the grade.

This Act makes cuts to welfare spending, cuts down on fraud and abuse, gives DPW secretary more power to impose additional reforms, saves taxpayers, ensures welfare dollars go to the truly needy and saves the Forgotten Taxpayer $5 MILLION DOLLARS.



Senate Fiscal Note $5,000,000 in savings to taxpayers

House Fiscal Note : FISCAL IMPACT: This legislation is the vehicle for implementation authority to achieve the anticipated state savings included in the General Fund budget for the Department of Public Welfare and the Department of Corrections.


Specifically, the following state savings are included in the FY2011-12 budget for DPW: $109million for the adjustment to the hospital assessment; $4.8million for the payment change for hospital readmissions; $10million for hospital low cost outliers payments; $16million for restructuring child care copayments; $53.7million for new limits on dental and pharmacy benefits; $10million for imposition of copayments or premiums on families with ‘loophole’ children or a total of $193.5million.


The Department of Corrections’ budget assumes $4.5million in savings due to the provision requiring hospitals to charge no more than medical assistance rates for inpatient care provided to state/county prisoners.


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