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6 November Penna. Attorney General – Kane Poll: Kathleen Kane Leads Dave Freed 48 to 27

If the Democrats do not screw this up by going negative against Tea Party, they can win.

“Ending One Party Rule” is a powerful message to Tea Party which is burdened by Republican State Committee’s incompetence and arrogance.

“Independent of Union Leadership” is another powerful theme. AG is supposed to protect workers, not Unions Leadership.

“Independent of Party Leadership” of Both Parties… compelling, in my opinion.

Tom Corbett’s Man Dave Freed carries some very heavy baggage; the child rapist and serial child molester Jerry Sandusky and LeRoy Zimmerman and the looting of the Hershey Trust’s disadvantaged kids which. in my view, is financial child abuse.

and can we forget Senate’s Bonusgate non-investigation. I sure would like to know what is in those files.

Kathleen Kane’s ads were mostly positive ones about qualifications and independence from party leadership. Patrick Murphy made the point of her independence from Union Leadership which will help Kathleen Kane with Tea Party voters outside the southeast.

“A Prosecutor, Not a Politician” works well in the General Election against an uber insider like Dave Freed.

Family Ties  Amy Freed, formerly Amy Zimmerman, stood behind her husband, Dave Freed,  at the podium with their three children. Her father LeRoy Zimmerman – Pa.’s first elected Attorney General stood behind Freed’s right shoulder. READ MORE PoliticsPa 6 December 2011


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