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JULIA the Quintessential CASEY/OBAMA Voter

Julia, the CASEY/OBAMA 2012  Campaign’s Composite Voter, is a tax taker, not a tax maker. That’s for other people.

The Tom Smith Voter is the tax maker,  the taxpayer who works, saves and invests.

“Julia” is Obama 2012 campaign’s composite government dependent who lives on the kindness of others and the voters to whom the Democrats are pandering.  READ MORE  3 May 2012 James Taranto WSJ

Bob Casey says he represents the working people of Pennsylvania. Bob Casey and Barack Obama depend on the tax takers, like Julia, to get elected. Voters, like Julie want and feel entitled to “free money”. Working people of Pennsylvania are paying for Julia’s life style.


The Left thinks we misunderstand Barack Obama’s composite government dependent. READ More Daily Beast 3 May 2012 “Julia”, is a composite like …    Barack Obama’s Girlfriend

Julia, dependent on the State. READ MORE RICH LOWRY 4 May 2012  Obama’s Vision for Julia: Statism

I think we understand the Obama campaign message perfectly. The Casey/Obama Voter “If you don’t want to work for what you want and need , vote CASEY/OBAMA; they promise to take care of you and force someone else to support you.”


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