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Liberty Index Part 7: Republicans Protecting Harrisburg Bond Holders at Expense of The Forgotten Taxpayer Act 79 of 2011

Harrisburg City Council to Commonwealth Court: Make David Unkovic Talk  Friday, May 11, 2012,  ERIC VERONIKIS, The Patriot-News

Paragraph Four: ” Gov. Tom Corbett, who appointed Unkovic and is looking for a new receiver, doesn’t want a hearing on why Unkovic left, according to the governor’s staff. Corbett believes Harrisburg should focus only on moving forward, they said.”

The Republican Controlled General Assembly and the Governor enacted Act 79 of 2011 to protect Harrisburg Bond Holders and David Unkovic was appointed by the Governor pursuant to that law. Dave Unkovic resigns stating that there was political influence impeding his work.and Receiver Dave Unkovic calls for an investigation into the incinerator project and the financing of the incinerator bonds.

Audit Details How Incinerator Debt Financing Led Harrisburg Into Black Hole of Debt Eric Veronikis (January 19, 2012)

Eric Veronikis has written an outstanding series detailing the machinations of the Harrisburg Bankruptcy.



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