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LIberty Index Part 5: Act 130 of 2011 – Governor’s Project List Adding $1,600,000,000 to Pennsylvania Debt -RACP List Philadelphia

With General Assembly’s “YEA” vote for Capital Budget  Act 130 of 2011, The Republican Controlled General Assembly and Republican Governor  added $1.6 billion dollars in debt to Pennsylvania’s Forgotten Taxpayer’s financial burden and, simultaneously, voted millions for private billionaire  corporations:


Project List RACP 2011- 12  and RACPLIST PDF  Philadelphia List   The Republican controlled General Assembly  forced The Forgotten Taxpayer to pay for these projects. Taxpayer.

FIVE BUILDINGS RACP   – Comcast (RACPLIST PDF     Philadelphia List Bill #0363-00),  Janney Investments (line 2 of Project List), Teva Pharmaceuticals (line 3  of Project List), ShopRite (line 138 of Project list), Franklin Mint ( line 173 of Project List)

$850,000 to Democrat Chaka Fattah’s Philadelphia House of Umoja (RACPLIST PDF   Philadelphia List   Bill #0247-00 )


$3,000,000         Obama Funder multimillion OnePerCenter Pat Burns  Chelten and Pulaski Revitalization    (RACPLIST PDF     Philadelphia List Bill #0906-00)

$2,197,598        Obama Funder Brian Roberts’ Comcast Towers, part of total of $30,000,000 appropriation   (RACPLIST PDF     Philadelphia List Bill #0363-00)

And $1,970,000 to Philadelphia University‐Arlen Specter Library Philadelphia (line 505 Project List)

And $10,000,000 John P. Murtha Center for Public Policy Cambria County (line 506 Project List).

Other Capital Construction Projects done at Prevailing Wage Rate Unions Win The Forgotten Taxpayer loses and pays 10% to 30% more than on competitive, free market.

$3,000,000 Avantor Headquarters (line 1 of Project List)

$6,000,000 DeSales University Gambet Center (line 5 of Project List)

$3,500,000 Mercyhurst College Erie (line 13 of Project List)

$3,800,000 Community Legal Services I‐III Philadelphia (line 28 of Project List)

$6,000,000 Hershey Center for Applied Research I‐IV (line 31 of Project List)

$8,000,000 Gwynedd Mercy College (line 41 of Project List)

$3,000,000 Kings College Recreation Center (line 46 of Project List)

$1,000,000 Eastern State Penitentiary Renovations II (line of Project List)

$11,400 Barnes Museum VI & VII & VIII Philadelphia (line 52 of Project List) – to desecrate a piece of art

$9,500,000 Drexel University LeBow College of Business  (line 53 of Project List)

$5,000,000 Temple University Hospital I ‐ V (line 57 of Project List)

$1,500,000 Arcadia University Campus Commons (Oak Summit Parking) (line 60 of Project List)

$5,000,000 Robert Morris University School of Nursing (line 61 of Project List)

$5,000,000 Robert Morris University Business School (line 62 of Project List)

$7,000,000 St. Francis University‐Science Center (line 64 of Project List)

$1,500,000 Lackawanna College‐Hawley Silk Mill (line 68 of Project List)

$6,000,000 Wanamaker School (line 69 of Project List

$12,000,000 Tasty Baking‐Old Site Reuse (line 70 of Project List)

$10,000,000 Thomas Jefferson University Research Building Philadelphia (line 72 of Project List)

$3,000,000 Misericordia University Mixed Use Development Luzerne (line 75 of Project List)

$500,000 Frankford Friends School Philadelphia (line 81 of Project List)

$500,000 Robert Morris University School of Communications (line 85 of Project List)

$1,500,000 Bucks County Community College Public Safety Build (line 88 of Project List)

$12,000,000 Connelly Trade School (line 92 of Project List)

$500,000 Valley Forge Military Academy (line 96 of Project List)

$2,500,000 St. Joseph’s University IV Philadelphia (line 109 of Project List)

$ 2,000,000 Philadelphia University SEED (line 115 of Project List)

$ 500,000 Duquesne University Center (line 120 of Project List)

$3,000,000 Madison School Redevelopment (line 121 of Project List)

$ 1,500,000 Johnson College (line 122 of Project List)

$3,000,000 The Second Mile Learning Center (line 124 of Project List)

$4,000,000 Widener University Performing Arts and Academic Center (131 of Project List)

$3,200,000 Delaware Valley College Life Science (line 135 of Project List)

$ 2,500,000 Mt. Airy Transit Village Philadelphia(line 138 Project List)

$1,000,000 Beaver County Community College (line 169 of Project List)

$ 750,000 Pittsburgh Technical Institute Expansion Project & II (line 170 of Project List)

$1,500,000 Academy at Manayunk Philadelphia (line 176 of Project List)

$1,500,000 Lutheran Theological Seminary VIII & IX Philadelphia (line 186 of Project List)


$1,000,000 Washington & Jefferson College Dieter‐Porter Reno (Line 216 of Project List)

Montgomery County Community College West Campus (line 227 of Project List)

$500,000 Messiah College Murray Library (line 235 of Project List)

$ 450,000 Immaculata College (line 240 of Project List)

$1,000,000 MMI Preparatory School (line 316 Project List)

$300,000 Neumann University Campus Library (line 304 of Project List)

$2,250,000 Royal Theatre & Universal Commercial Corridor(line 507 of Project List)  Luqman Abdul Haqq


 The Vote General Assembly 19 December 2011 (The Liberty Index Link)


 Background History and Listing of Previous Authorizations Governor’s Budget Office


With a “YEA” vote for Capital Budget  Act 130 of 2011, Senator Kim Ward   added $1.6 billion dollars in debt to Pennsylvania’s Forgotten Taxpayer’s financial burden.

And, simultaneously, voted millions for billionaire corporations: Comcast, Janney, Teva Pharmaceuticals, ShopRite, Franklin Mint



$1,970,000 to to Philadelphia Democrat Arlen Specter Library -Philadelphia University‐ (line 505-2011)


$10,000,000 to Democrat John P. Murtha Center for Public Policy Cambria County (line 506-2011).

$850,000 to Philadelphia Democrat Chaka Fattah’s Philadelphia House of Umoja (RACP Philadelphia)


Project List Approved by Republican General Assembly and Governor 19 December 2011

RACP List Philadelphia 19 December 2011 approved by Republican General Assembly and Republican Govenor




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