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6 November 2012: Tom Smith Pat Toomey – Union USPS Billion Dollar Bailout

The Bailout Of The US Postal Service Begins: Cost To Taxpayers – $110,000 Per Union Vote “Saved Or Gained”    READ MORE 26 April 2012 Tyler Darden

The Senate Vote 25 April 2012 62-37  The Union’s Man Sen. Bob “98%” Casey voted “YEA” for bailout and Sen. Pat “The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend” Toomey voted for Economic Freedom and against more government taxpayer debt.

S.1789  Latest Title: 21st Century Postal Service Act of 2012 Sponsor: Sen Lieberman, Joseph I. [CT] (introduced 11/2/2011)      Cosponsors (3) Latest Major Action: 4/25/2012 Passed/agreed to in Senate. Status: Passed Senate with an amendment by Yea-Nay Vote. 62 – 37. Senate Reports: 112-143

More from ZeroHedge 18 April 2012  USPS Bailout Imminent? 18 April 2012 Tyler Darden. The USPS admits structural changes necessary and, decides that “Bailouts are Better”.  WSJ 17 April 2012 references the Union’s acknowledgement that there would have to be “shared sacrifice” but, quickly, backed off from cost cutting based on report of Statist Democrat former Auto Czar Wall Street’s Ron Bloom of Lazard Inc.

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