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Allyson Schwartz – Issues 6 November 2012: Votes “AYE” for Keystone XL

HR 4348. Roll Call 170 shows that Schwartz voted “AYES” with 224 Republicans (14 “NOES” ) and 69 Democrats ( 114 “NOES”) for permitting the Keystone XL line to be built.

Allyson Schwartz follows the wishes of the financial supporters and constituents, the Unions, while masquerading  as  Progressive

Do Sarah Palin and Allyson Schwartz find a rare moment of agreement? Sarah Palin interviewed by Breitbart News 13 April 2012  “BNN: As governor of Alaska, you were often at odds with the Big Oil companies. You’re no stranger to holding them accountable. Obama wants to eliminate the tax subsidies to oil companies. Is this a good idea?    Gov. Palin: I’ve said in the past  READ MORE Breitbart News 13 April 2012


Sarah Palin “Paying at the Pump” Solutions to Relieve Pain at the Pump 11 April 2012

















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