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Liberty Index Part 8 -Republicans and Democrats Force The Forgotten Taxpayer to Subsidize Billionaire Private Tax Exempt Corporations – Proposing a New Direction

Every June, the General Assembly, whether Democratic controlled or Republican controlled, forces The Forgotten Taxpayer to fund billionaire, private, tax exempt corporations. Penn State’s Trustees, Administrators, Faculty and Staff have been rewarded with over two billion dollars over the past 10 years.

Then there’s tuition. Grove City’s $13,598 annual tuition is less than half the $28,500 the College Board cited as the average at private colleges this year. It’s even less than the bill at Penn State and Pitt, where state subsidies help underwrite tuition.READ MORE 29 April 2012 Debra Erdley

Yet  The Republican Controlled General Assembly with signature of the Republican Governor force taxpayers o fund favored big business billionaire universities.

Government Forces Taxpayers to Finance Private, Tax Exempt, “Nonprofit” Corporate Big Business Billionaires – Four Education Leviathans  UPENN UPITT TempleU PENN STATE take from the taxpayer to finance lifestyles of 1% of 1%



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