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Taxing the Tax Exempts to Pay for Government Pensions: Rhode Island May Be Onto Something

In Providence, Rhode Island, city pensions have gotten out of control so new streams of revenue and why not tax the private tax exempt non profit big business corporate billionaire, sometimes called, Brown University, home of so many Keynesian Share the Wealth Liberals (not their wealth, dummy, yours). Rich Corporations, they need to do their fair share, too, do they not?

In addition, Universities capitulate 1 May 2012

Liberal Brown University President Ruth Simmons does make a lot of sense when she says:  “I don’t think it’s reasonable for the city, having made mistakes and having become insolvent because of those mistakes, to turn to institutions that are successful and to demand that they pay for those mistakes,” Brown President Ruth Simmons told the university’s undergraduate council of students.

Liberals aren’t so liberal when it comes to their money, are they?

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