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Issues 2012 Part 1: USPS Union Bailout Bill – Unions Win; The Forgotten Taxpayer Loses…Again

Daniel Horowitz of the Madison Project, succinctly, lays out the problem: “moderate” Republicans too willing to burden The  Forgotten Taxpayer:Today the Senate passed the postal bailout bill, S. 1789, by a 62-37 vote.

Democrat Sen. Bob “Sen. 98%” Casey voted “YEA” and The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend Sen. Pat Toomey voted “NAY” 

The Vote s. 1789 The 21st Century Postal Service Act of 2012


USPS Post Master General Patrick Donahue and the USPS Unions want   Congress (The Forgotten Taxpayer) to subsidize a  $5.5 liability requirement to build a healthcare trust fund for future retirees. Read More 11 Things The Forgotten Taxpayer Should Know About USPS and its Union Business Insider 25 May 2011

READ MORE 25 April 2012 Madison Project Daniel Horowitz  and 24 April 2012 “Capitulation”

READ MORE HEDGEROW 26 April 2012  Tyler Darden comments: The USPS Union USPS Bailout cost Taxpayers cost The Forgotten Taxpayer $11,000,000,000 $11 billion dollars or $100,000 per Union Vote


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