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Global Warming Part 5: Redistributing the Wealth – James Hansen

James Hansen:  “In a June 23, 1988 speech that was a seminal event in the movement to focus public attention on global warming, Hansen addressed the U.S. Congress and warned that unless the burning of fossil fuels were to be curtailed quickly and dramatically, the natural world suffer irreparable harm.”

This is now contradicted by other Climatologists and the temperature readings for the past 15 years as posted elsewhere in The Liberty Blog

There is a political dimension to James Hansen’s Climate Science as adopted by Al Gore and others.:“One of the world’s leading environmentalists, James Hansen, calls for a tax on carbon emissions. The revenues would come mostly from high earners and businesses, and would be ‘deposited monthly,’ as dividends, into the bank accounts of low earners with smaller  ‘carbon footprints.’ ”  READ MORE Right Side News 23 April 2012

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