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Tea Party Part 13: USPS Going Bankrupt – Senate Democrats: “Rob Health Care Plan”

The USPS, a government monopoly, has lost $13 billion in last two years with little likelihood  of a return to profitable margins where revenues exceed expenses.

The USPS, a government monopoly, is going bankrupt because of changing technology so instead of reducing expenses…. Senate Democrats are proposing to raid the Pension Fund and  USPS Health Care Plan because that’s where the money is ( Willie Sutton’s Great Insight). Raiding the Health Care savings account only means taxpayers will be hit hard later on. Kicking the Tax Can down the road is a tried and true Liberal Democratic tactic.  So the Tea  Party asks this question – How in in the world can we trust the Democrats with money?

     USPS want The Forgotten Taxpayer to save them from their own failed policies.Unionized, and well organized, USPS employees are ecstatic at the idea that the Senate will kick the tax can down the road. The Forgotten Taxpayer is not so happy.


Post office officials have been threatening to start shutting down postal facilities and reducing service as a way to close an $8.3 billion budget gap they say resulted from the increasing number of people now paying bills and conducting other business over the Internet.”  READ MORE Washington Examiner22 April 2012  Susan Ferrechio


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