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US Senate Candidate Dave Christian Radio Interview by Bob Guzzardi and Adam Taxin

Adam and I had a great conversation with Republican Candidate for US Senate, Dave Christian, a real deal war hero, who has more than earned the Purple Heart. There is a business aphorism: “Before they [the customer] cares what you know, they have to know you care.” Dave cares. And you feel him when he speaks about the fear a family feels when a mother or father loses his job. The State Republican Committee hacks tried to drive Dave off the ballot. Disgraceful. The Republicans are honored to have a man like Dave Christian as a member of the Republican Party.


 David Christian Discusses The Issues With Chai 95 Radio Hosts Adam Taxin and Bob Guzzardi on WWDB AM 860

  In case you missed the broadcast, David Christian joined Adam Taxin and Bob Guzzardi on the Chai95 Radio Hour on Tuesday. David discussed issues of the day and his candidacy.  

Get to know David Christian, the man most qualified to be your next U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, by clicking the link to download and listen to the podcast.

For more information or to contact the campaign, email info@christian2012.org 

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