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Democrats for Natural Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing Process – Former Pres. Bill Clinton, NYMayor Bloomberg, Obama Administration

Democrats See the Potential of Natural Gas Drilling and Exploration  Marcellus Shale Coalition March 1, 2012

President Bill Clinton: “America Needs to End its ‘Ambivalence’ About Natural Gas”: America needs to end its “ambivalence” about natural gas and more specifically the hydraulic fracturing process used to crack underground rock formations and release the gas inside, he said. “We’re going to take that out of the ground. It’s obviously happening,” he said. (E&E News, 2/29/12)

         Mayor Bloomberg Give Shale Gas a “Thumbs Up”: New York Mayor Michael “Bloomberg gave [hydraulic fracturing] a thumbs up.” … “We have to get that gas out of the ground,” Bloomberg said. … “With appropriate safeguards, I think fracking is something that on balance is better for this,” the mayor said. (NY Daily News, 2/29/12)

 ·         Obama Admin. Sees “The Multiple Benefits” of Natural Gas: President [Obama] noted [in his State of the Union address] the multiple benefits of fracking (including job creation) and rejected the notion that the procedure amounts to having “to choose between our environment and our economy.” So, the administration sees fracking as an economically beneficial and, yes, safe option on America’s complete energy menu. (NY Post editorial, 2/26/12)

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