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April 24th – Part 9 Tom Smith, Consistent Conservative, Leads in Polls

Tom Smith leads in polls with considerable undecideds. Tom Smith has the financial resources to reach many of those “indecideds”

The salient point:

The full tally showed a healthy 39 percent of Republicans undecided less than two weeks from election day:

Tom Smith – 29%

Sam Rohrer – 14%

Steve Welch – 9%

David Christian – 7%

Marc Scaringi – 2%

Undecided – 39%

In the last ten years, Tom Smith has contributed over HALF MILLION dollars to social and fiscal conservative causes including Pat Toomey in 2004 primary, the gold standard for Economic Freedom conservatives. Tom Smith also contributed to Swift Boat campaign in 2004. All the while he was a register Democrat. Tom Smith is a consistent conservative who has voted with his money and with his principles and not with his registration.

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