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April 24th – Part 8 – Phila. Inquirer Endorses Kathleen Kane for Attorney General

Philadelphia Inquirer has followed  Bob’s lead at The Liberty Blog and here at Save Ardmore Coalition site and endorses Kathleen Kane for Attorney General in the 24 April Primary. Kudos to the Inquirer for following the ahead of the curve The Liberty Blog and my SAC blogging. I have been told that the Northwest Independent, in heavily Democratic northwest Philadelphia will also endorse. As far as I know, only politicians have endorsed career politician and Democratic insider, Patrick Murphy.

Philadelphia Inquirer endorses Kathleen Kane for Attorney General: Experience tilts scale for Kane April 12, 2012

As I commented to this endorsement ” Kathleen Kane is independent of party leadership and because she is independently self-financed, and not financed by party insiders getting rich from government and by union leadership, she is candidate most likely to prosecute the law with justice for all.

The Republican is conflicted and compromised and it is hard to think Dave Freed will prosecute his father in law, and his children’s grandfather, LeRoy Zimmerman who is under active investigation by the AG’s office.”

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