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April 24th Primary Part 6- Overview of Five Republican Candidates

Here is an overview from Tracie Mauriello of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  April 8, 2012

For more depth, see the Voter Guide US Senate Republicans in The Liberty Blog

I thought these were some salient points. Campaigns need “money, message and manpower.” Tea Party and ideologues, frequently, overlook the need to raise money and are, frequently, small donors if they donate money at all. $$$ are the most tangible symbol of support.

Mr. Casey, who had $4.4 million on hand in December when campaign finance reports were last due.

Mr. Smith raised $5.2 million as of December, all but $803,000 from his own pocket.

The other candidates had raised between $57,400 (Mr. Christian) and $1.1 million (Mr. Welch), as of December.

Rob Gleason  Rob Bickhart (Steve Welch fundraiser)

  John Brabender – Steve Welch, Tom Corbett, Rick Santorum, Diana Irey Vaughn, Dave Freed…the insiders insider.

The  Insider Network

John Brabender, chief strategist for the Rick Santorum campaign, talks about his candidate’s wins of the night and how even the losses produced such a strong Santorum showing that he cannot be denied legitimacy in the race.Brian Nutt ran Gov. Corbett’s winning 2010 campaign is an insider and his dad was appointed the CEO of Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission by Gov. Corbett.   AND  more on Tom Corbett’s network of candidates tied to BrabenderCox

I was surprised how much Tom Smith has raised over and above his own $5 million dollar investment.That kind of money tells you Tom Smith is very, very serious about defeating the Establishment Endorsed candidate. Much of the popularity of the challengers is, simply, they are challenging the Harrisburg Insider Network. 


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  1. Steve Wolniak 12 November 2014 at 7:26 pm #

    Dear Mr. Brabender,
    I just watched your discussion with Chris Matthews on Hardball this evening. I am a biologist, but I do not consider myself an effete intellectual snob. I can assure you, the basic points about climate change are irrefutable. The climate is changing. As they continue to absorb heat, the ocean waters are no longer buffering our weather patterns, and the glaciers covering Antarctica and Greenland are melting, and as a result, sea levels are rising. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are rising. Weather patterns are becoming more extreme. There is no conspiracy among scientists to concoct these results. Anyone who dismisses these events as nonsense is basically delusional. Any politician, like that fellow from Oklahoma, is in severe denial. Regrettably, he gets to shout out his opinion in front of a microphone.

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