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April 24th Part 4: Republican Primary Tea Party Roger Howard v. Harrisburg Insider Career Politician Dominic Pileggi

Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi is a Union Financed Harrisburg Big Government Insider; Roger Howard is the candidate of principled grassroots. Tea Party v Republican Establishment David v Goliath

                                                                    ger Howard, 66, PhD and Vet    – not career politician

Pennsylvania State Senate candidate Roger Howard (Republican, 9th District, challenging incumbent, State Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi, a Union Republican)

Roger Howard, 66 years old,  is an outstanding candidate, holds a PhD in Chemistry; he has a patent; Roger Howard has signed a pledge not to receive the public pension; and he is an Army veteran, he was an officer in the 82nd Airborne. Roger Howard would be a Citizen Legislator. Dominic Pileggi has never had a private sector job.

Why Roger Howard Is Running: “In the years before the 2010 elections, we worked to elect a Republican Majority in the House and a Republican Governor with the promise of sweeping reforms. However, the Republican leadership in the Senate has refused to accept this responsibility and has continued to do business as usual. General Fund spending may have been reduced a bit. Did you know they have authorized the borrowing of billions in the Capital Budget for routine maintenance and politically favored economic subsidies? In the midst of high State unemployment, loss of population and the flight of business and medical practitioners to other States – our Republican Senate is silent. The people of Pennsylvania are frustrated. We can no longer standby while Legislators refuse to effectively address the issues of Pension Reform, Medical Malpractice Tort Reform, Property Tax Reform, Right to Work, Prevailing Wage, Voter ID, E-Verify, and Failing Schools.”

Pennsylvania is in the fiscal mess it is because of Republican Senate Majority Leader Senator Pileggi’s fiscal recklessness.

How does  Republican Majority Leader Senator Dominic Pileggi justify voting for six of eight of Governor Rendell’s bankrupting budgets?

Senator Pileggi’s record is a matter of fact. Facts influence. The Informed Voter is Roger Howard’s Friend.

How does Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi justify voting $30,000,000 to Philadelphia based multi billionaire corporation Comcast? Or $10,000,000 for a building for multibillion corporation Janney Investments in Philadelphia? Or $2,500, 00 for Philadelphia campus of multibillion corporation Teva Pharmaceuticals, or $500,000 to ShopRite in Montgomery County, or $5,000,000 to Franklin Mint in DelCo?

Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi vote  on Act 130 of 2011 added $1.6 billion dollar to Pennsylvania Taxpayer’s debt.

How does Senator Pileggi justify burdening us and the next generation more debt?

Pennsylvania is in the fiscal mess it is because of Republican Senate Majority Leader Senator Pileggi’s fiscal recklessness.

Every one of Senate Majority Leader Pileggi’s votes affects every taxpayer and resident in Pennsylvania.

December 21, 2011 – Senator Pileggi spoke to workers of the IBEW Local 420 and the Delco AFL/CIO about legislation before the General Assembly and redistricting during a meeting in Boothwyn.

Union Financed Dominic Pileggi promotes the agenda of Union Leadership but fewer jobs result for union workers. From Senator Pileggi’s website

February 2, 2011 – Senator Pileggi spoke to members of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Executive Council about legislative priorities in the 2011-12 session during a meeting at the Harrisburg Hilton.



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