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April 24th Democratic Primary Attorney General Kane Is Able and Team Obama’s Patrick Murphy, Establishment Insider

April 24th Democratic Primary Attorney General Kane Is Able and Team Obama’s Patrick Murphy, Establishment Insider


Kathleen Kane is an experienced, competent prosecutor who has prosecuted rapists; Kathleen Kane is INDEPENDENT of the leadership of both parties and independent of Union leadership. Kathleen Kane Independent of the Leadership of both Parties and the Unions; a prosecutor not a politician 


 Patrick Murphy served in Iraq in Judge Advocate General’s Corp. We thank him for his service in Iraq against the enemies of American Freedom. This is no small thing.

  Team Obama’s “Patrick Murphy for Attorney General” website

Patrick Murphy seems to look at the office of Attorney General as an opportunity for higher office or other personal benefit which compromises and politicizes his prosecutorial discretion. Patrick Murphy is endorsed and inextricably entwined with Democratic Party Establishment; Patrick Murphy is NOT INDEPENDENT of either party leadership or Union leadership which further compromises his prosecutorial judgment.

  Compromised and conflicted Harrisburg Insider Republican AG candidate Dave Freed

The Republican Candidate Dave Freed is compromised and conflicted because of his close familial, financial and political ties to his father-in-law, his children’s grandfather, former Republican Attorney General LeRoy Zimmerman, and someone under investigation by the Attorney General’s office, the very office his political protégé, Dave Freed, is seeking. Republican Dave Freed’s prosecutorial judgment must be considered compromised and conflicted because of his lack of independence from both is his political and financial mentor, LeRoy Zimmerman, as well as his lack of independence from the BrabenderCoxBrianNuttTomCorbett Insider Network. 

There remains open the Senate Bonusgate investigation as well as questions about the 9 year delay between the rape of a ten year old, witnessed by a credible witness, and indictment and arrest. LeRoy Zimmerman, legally, enriched himself, like so many other Harrisburg Establishment Insiders, at the expense of the Hershey Trust as the Inquirer’s reporter Bob Fernandez and others have written about Read More at The Liberty Blog

Given the highly charged political issues of Senate Bonusgate, Sandusky Child Rape and Molestation Case, and LeRoy Zimmerman, independence is, to my view, the most distinguishing and important difference between the very qualified Kathleen Kane and all the other two candidates.

Kathleen Kane is independent of Union leadership. Kathleen Kane is has been self-funded by her husband’s company, Kane Is Able, which is nonunion and which has opposed “Card Check”. Union Leadership supports Patrick Murphy exclusively.  Kathleen Kane is, primarily, self-funded and, therefore, independent of party and union leadership.

Analyzing the candidates as objectively as I can, I have to conclude that Kathleen Kane will be the choice of independent voters in November so I hope Democratic primary voters choose Kathleen Kane as their nominee. It is time for a Democrat independent of the Republican controlled Senate, Republican controlled House, the Republican Governor and independent of the Unions to be Pennsylvania’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer.

The Attorney General enforces the law, not makes the law. That is the job of a legislator. Discussions of validity or wisdom of a law are irrelevant to the office. Who will better prosecute the law, with “equal justice under law,” that is, put the bad guys in jail and hold criminal wrongdoers accountable, is the issue, in my view, before Pennsylvania Democratic primary voters and, eventually, in the General Election.

Independence and competence! Kathleen Kane, a prosecutor, not a politician, is what compels this Tea Party Republican to support this candidate. Democrats might consider that an independent Democratic prosecutor would be Gov. Tom Corbett’s worst nightmare.


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