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Animal Farm Part 1: Obama’s Targeted Tax Redistributionist Policies

      Selfless President Obama and his Democrats portray the budget and tax arguments as a partisan contest between Democrats and Republicans about differing policy priorities. In fact, as can be seen below,it is an Marxist Alinsky Redistributionist Class Warfare taking from the Haves to give to the Have-Nots and enriching and empowering Obama’s Elite Network of Insiders.

.While aggregating power and wealth to himself and those connected to him, Obama and the disingenuous Democrats characterize themselves as  Selfless and Noble Protectors Who Care About the Weak, the Poor, the Disadvantaged Minorities against Heartless, Cold and Greedy, Profit Made Republicans. In fact, these power mad wolves will eat sheep they claim to be protecting while enhancing thier own power. Classic, as inevitable as human nature,  Animal Farm Reified 

President Obama’s Budget Aims At InvestorsNot Just Super-Rich INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY 02/13/2012


[President] Obama had telegraphed his so-called Buffett Rule to impose a minimum 30% tax rate on million-dollar earners. But his new thrust also aims at investors with incomes well below the stratosphere — $200,000 for singles and $250,000 for couples. The proposed increase would boost the top rate on dividend taxes from 15% this year to 43.4% next year. That includes a new proposal to tax dividends at the same rate as regular income — 39.6% if Obama succeeds in ending the Bush tax cuts that dropped the top rate to 35%. It also includes a 3.8% tax on nonwage income that officially goes to Medicare but was really passed to help pay for Obama’s signature health law.”   READ MORE


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