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Republicans Financing Billionaire Private Corporations with Taxpayer Dollars Part 7: Mt. Airy Transit

Bill #1041-00  $ 2,500,000 Mt. Airy Transit Village (a vacant lot)  RACP LIST PDF     Philadelphia List  (Germantown Newspapers link)


2.5 Million Dollars in Funding for Mt. Airy Transit Village  5 January 2012

A major funding package was rushed through the Pennsylvania State House on December 19th that is sending $1.6 billion in funding statewide; $460 million of that will go to 197 projects in Philadelphia.  In that group about a dozen are recognizable as local to Northwest Philadelphia.

Not instantly recognized by name was the $2.5 million earmarked for the Mt. Airy Transit Village. This is the project that was begun several years back when Mt Airy USA extended its working territory to Washington Lane, an area most considered to be in Germantown.

The original concept was to create a viable residential community at the intersection of Washington Lane and Chew Avenues, an intersection where three busy transit routes converge that would lend itself to the focus on transit-oriented development, a priority that had been touted by City Planning in recent years.

The Washington Lane Station of the Chestnut Hill East (Formerly R7) commuter line and the XH and Route 18 buses all converge at this intersection. There have been recent selective upgrades to several stations on that rail line, including Washington Lane.  The proposal was outlined as mixed use, but with 220 residential units. It was formalized as the Mt Airy Transit Village, a 50l(c)(3) non profit corporation with a described mission “To develop and manage housing for low and moderate income residents in Philadelphia, and to carry out activities related to that purpose.”  The business address of the corporation is 6703 Germantown Avenue, the same as Mt. Airy USA.



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