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Republicans Financing Billionaire Private Corporations with Taxpayer Dollars Part 6: Pulaski Partners Pat Burns Fresh Grocer

$3,000,000  Pulaski Partners Obama Funder 1% Pat Burns Fresh Grocer

Democratic Mega Donor Patrick Burns, president and CEO of Fresh Grocer,  Sells First Lady Michelle Obama with his multimillion forgotten  taxpayer financed vision approved of and enacted with connivance of  Republican State Senate, Republican State House and Republican Penna. Governor. Millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars later, is anyone other than Pat Burns and Michelle Obama any better off?

The First Lady presents at Fairhill Elementary School, Philadelphia, Penna. about this multimillion dollar taxpayer financed initiative.

RACP LIST PDF     Philadelphia List  (Germantown Newspapers link) Bill #0906-00

Jim Foster’s Germantown Newspapers highlighted some of the obvious political projects in Democratically controlled Northwest Philadelphia and one has to ask why Republican controlled House, a Republican controlled Senate and a Republican Governor fund Democratic Pork Projects which are used to buy Democratic votes? Is this what we can expect from the Republican Leadership.

Chelten Plaza Update September 1; Appeal Chelten Plaza Zoning (Yvonne Haskins, Esq. 15 September 2011); Chelten Plaza Protesters Take to the Street (21 July 2011); Mt. Airy’s Yvonne Haskins ( 21 July 2011) Pat Burns and His Circle of Friends 21 September 2012); Donna Miller Sells Out Germantown – Again (10 October 2011);  Mr. ATM ( 7 April 2011); Germantown Shortchanged in Rail Station Restoration Work(21 July 2011).


Pat Burns Fresh Grocer Pulaski Partners Chelten and Pulaski (Video 6:30 min) explains why he downsizes the project to a Save-a-Lot and Dollar Tree.  $13, 783,000 to be invested.

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