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Republicans Financing Billionaire Private Corporations with Taxpayer Dollars Part 5: Franklin Mint DelCo

Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi and Speaker Sam Smith  generously voted to give $5,000,000 FIVE MILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS to The Franklin Mint.

 Tony “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” Orlando joins the Franklin Mint as Vice Chair and Partner with Robert H. Book Chair. We, the Forgotten Taxpayers,  are pleased. See Franklin Mint Multimillion Dollar Expansion in Exton, Delaware County, Penna.

The Franklin Mint Web Site  188 Acres Museum closed

MIDDLETOWN — The latest plan to transform the former Franklin Mint site and adjacent Granite and Strine parcels on West Baltimore Pike into “a walkable community” of residential, commercial, office and civic use is in the hands of township officials. READ MORE DelCo Times 13 January 2012

ACT 130 OF 2011 -  

The Vote by Member of House and Senate 22 December 2011 (Liberty Index)


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