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Democratic 1% of 1% Part 7: Richest Americans are Democrats – A Double Standard

“An analysis of the Top 20 Richest People in America (from Forbes Top 100) reveals that a full 60% are actually Democrats. Furthermore, if you eliminate the duplication caused by people from the same family being included in that Top 20 list (Wal-Mart & Koch) that ratio widens even further to: 25% Republican / 75% Democrat.”  8 January 2011 New American Gazette

“Income Equality” and “Social Justice” maybe the Redistributionist Marxist Alinsky Class Warfare Obama Leftists but their supporters flaunt their ‘exceptionalism”.  Democratic “Haves” are doing a lot better than Democratic “Have Nots” and seem not to have much inclination to share their wealth.

Mike Wilson 2003 November“Larry Ellison started the high-flying tech company Oracle with $1,200 in 1977 and turned it into a billion-dollar Silicon Valley giant. If Bill Gates is the tech world’s nerd king, Ellison is its Warren Beatty: racing yachts, buying jets, and romancing beautiful women. His rise to fame and fortune is a tale of entrepreneurial brilliance, ruthless tactics, and a constant stream of half-truths and outright fabrications for which the man and his company are notorious.

Investigative reporter Mike Wilson, with access to Ellison himself and more than 125 of his friends, enemies, and former Oracle employees, has created an eye-opening, utterly fascinating portrayal of a Silicon Valley success story … filled with the stuff that dreams and cultural icons are made of.”

Obama2012: Barack and Michelle Obama, selfless defenders of the poor and the middle class against the rapacious 1%.


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