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Detroit In Decline 1950-2012 and Future of Democratic Cities

Imagine a city where all the major economic planks of the statist or “progressive” platform have been enacted:(Michigan Capitol Confidential February 14, 2012)

Detroit in Decline 1950 to 2012

In 1950, Detroit was the wealthiest city in America on a per capita income basis. Today, the Census Bureau reports that it is the nation’s 2nd poorest major city, just “edging out” Cleveland.

A “living wage” ordinance, far above the federal minimum wage, for all public employees and private contractors. A school system that spends significantly more per pupil than the national average. A powerful school employee union that militantly defends the exceptional pay, benefits and job security it has won for its members. Other government employee unions that do the same for their members. A tax system that aggressively redistributes income from businesses and the wealthy to the poor and to government bureaucracies. READ MORE 

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