20 March 2012 0 Comments

Democratic 1% of 1% Part 2: Anthony Pritzker’s House and Media Matters Contribution – A Double Standard

                Democratic OnePerCenter Anthony Pritzker  home in Los Angeles is a 49,300-square-foot building designed by an architecture firm in Paris.

$400,000 Pritzker Family Foundation contribution to Media Matters

Owner: Hyatt hotel heir Anthony Pritzker Above Ground: A gym with changing rooms, ‘floating pool’ and spa, his-and-hers offices, arts-and-crafts room, hairdressing area, detached recreation room Underground: A two-level basement with a game room, two-lane bowling alley, entertainment foyer with bar, media library, staff rooms, a ‘project room’ and garage

Neighborhood: Saudi Prince Abdulaziz ibn Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz Al Saud is awaiting permits for a 70,000- square-foot compound, downsized from 85,000 square feet


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