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Democratic 1% of 1% Part 1: Lower Merion’s Solyndra – Dranoff’s Ardmore Transit Center

The 1% of Lower Merion


Dranoff’s  Dream                       Real World Taxpayer Nightmare.

Millions for Millionaire Private Developer Politically Connected to the Democrats Carl Dranoff.

$5.8 million spent by Lower Merion Democrats and Bureaucratic Allies on professional consultants and how much better all our lives are.

The Township has spent $5.8 million Lower Merion Tax Dollars to study the Ardmore Transit Project. December 30, 2011 – Financial Summary – CIP #4021 (2.5 MB, PDF)  The report states that nearly $5.8 million has been spent to-date; of this amount, approximately $2.3 million is the responsibility of the Township. Approximately $2.5 million has been funded from grant reimbursements received and approximately $1 million is to be reimbursed to the Township by Dranoff Properties from the Project. Hat Tip Doug Muth Save Ardmore Coalition

Cheryl Allison ( Main Line Times 6 October 2011)  tells of the Bitter Pills we, the people, are about to have jammed down our throats.Is there no limit to what Rogan, Maguire, Manos, McElhaney, Bernheim — and their quiet supporters, Churchill, Linder, Dellheim.

Cheryl Allison, again, updates  (Main Line Times 11 February 2011) on the “glimmer of hope” for federal taxpayer funding.

Why is Dranoff Properties Getting a 5% Development Fee from Lower Merion Taxpayers? (Save Ardmore Coalition blog politeia 7/8/2012)

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