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Corporatism: Pat Burns Fresh Grocer North and Northwest Philadelphia

    Crony Capitalist Corporatist Pat Burns Getting Rich From Government Corporate Welfare—–Connected to the Elected Politicizing Economic Decisions at expense of The Forgotten Taxpayer who works, saves and invests.

The Video Feb. 25th 2010 Michelle Obama (with Tim Geitner, Treasury Secretary) visits Fresh Grocer near Temple – $30 million dollars in Philadelphia alone to “fresh grocer”.

First Lady presents at Fairhill Elementary School on the multimillion dollar taxpayer financed business plan (February 19, 2010)

Michelle Obama is sold by Pat Burns of Fresh Grocer in Philadelphia. Pat Burns gets millions of taxpayer dollars from Federal, State and Philadelphia Governments

PHILADELPHIA  — First Lady Michelle Obama, accompanied by U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to promote her “Let’s Move” campaign to reduce childhood obesity, visited The Fresh Grocer at Progress Plaza on Friday afternoon. Supermarket News February 10, 2010

Politico.com reports  “The first lady provided a vivid example Friday of her approach to childhood obesity, touring the Fresh Grocer in North Philadelphia, a predominantly black neighborhood that had been without a grocery store for more than a decade. The $15 million store opened in December, created 270 jobs and has a 96 percent minority workforce. The store, located near Temple University, is located in Progress Plaza. Aides to the first lady said the goal is to highlight how neighborhoods have addressed the problem of “food deserts,” neighborhoods that lack a full-service grocery store.”


  The Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Retailer has the story . The article is a pleas for special interest taxpayer money. It can be read as story of Corporatism, crony capitalism, government giving taxpayer money to the favored few, at network of profit and politics getting rich from government, closely linked for the benefit of a few paid for by the many.

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