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Gang of Six Republicans help undermine weak but a first step  prevailing wage reforms.

H.B. 1329 (“Threshold”) and H.B. 1685 (“Jobs Classification”)

A gang of six anti Right to Work and pro-Compulsory Unionism  Republicans led an 11th-hour campaign to block legislation that modernized Pennsylvania’s Prevailing Wage laws – thus
denying schools and local governments the ability to help lower
construction costs.

Anti Prevailing Wage  and Pro-Compulsory Unionism  ringleaders:

State Reps. Steve Barrar (Delaware),

Gene DiGirolamo (Bucks),

Jim Marshall (Beaver),

Tom Murt (Montgomery),

Mark Mustio (Allegheny)

Bernie O’Neill (Bucks)

joined with House Democrats to block votes on HB 1329 and HB 1685 that would have
helped to relieve municipalities and school districts from costly prevailing wage requirements on smaller projects.

Any future votes on the legislation will be delayed at least until the House returns March 12.

Representative Stephen Bloom has taken the lead and lists Six Prevailing Wage Reform Bills.

Two bills were put two a vote and both were defeated.

Commonwealth Foundation (14 February 2012) provides an overview of Prevailing Wage and Reforms Needed.


The “Jobs Classification Bill” will require Pennsylvania to define job classifications on public works projects. The lack of definitions has been used by some unions to attack and file frivolous grievances against small business owners, costing Pennsylvania jobs and tax dollars.

The “threshold bill” will end the artificially low estimated cost of total project from $25,000 to conform to the Consumer Price Index of the previous calendar year. The current amount was based on the 1963 Consumer Price Index and allowed prevailing wage to kick in at too low a threshold making it a costly endeavor for school districts and municipalities to fund minor projects.

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