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Democrat Kathleen Kane for AG – Part 5: LeRoy Zimmermann Hershey Trust AG Open Investigation

Kathleen Kane Independent of Party Leadership, a Prosecutor, not a Politician

The Attorney General’s office has an active investigation ongoing of apparent financial improprieties at the multibillion dollar Hershey Trust for Disadvantaged Children.

LeRoy Zimmerman Forbes 2011 – On November 30, 2011 LeRoy Zimmerman resigned from all boards (Bob Fernandez November 30, 2011 Inquirer)

LeRoy Zimmerman Getting Rich from Hershey TrustĀ 

12.4 minute video Hershey Children’s Home Trust Used to Benefit Insiders Politicians


The Attorney General’s Office oversees the Hershey Trust

The Chocolate Heist Video Part 1 of five partsĀ  It does appear that we have been served well by our Republican Attorney Generals.

Pennsylvania does not have an Independent Prosecutor Statue

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