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Democrat Kathleen Kane for AG Part 4: Senate Bonusgate Self-Investigation Self-Reported

Kathleen Kane is independent of Democratic Party leadership and the usual Democratic Special Interests of Unions, Trial Lawyers and Elitist Liberals, self financing with two million in the bank.

As a Democrat, Kathleen Kane is, obviously, independent of Republican Party Establishment Network of Insiders and, in particular, the Senate Republican Leadership which is embarrassment to fiscal common sense voters across the spectrum.

CasablancaPa, a product of Mike Veon and Brett Cott and their sympathizers, has demonstrated itself to be an excellent aggregator of information from reliable sources and insightful commentary on Bonusgate and Computergate investigations.

Let us focus in on Senate Bonusgate “non-investigation” which is yet another argument for a prosecutor, not a politician, for this sensitive position. Search CasablancaPa for “Crompton” or “Long” and you will find sourced and reliable analysis. The next Pennsylvania Attorney needs to review the Senate Bonusgate investigation. “Equal Justice Under the Law” is not a campaign slogan.


” Corbett and his Republican Attorney General successors have allowed the Republican State Senate Caucus to self-investigate and self-report any evidence of campaigning illegally by its members and staff. In fact, the only contact between the Office of Attorney General and the Senate GOP has been the two voluntary appearances of former General Counsel Stephen MacNett, one of the very Senate staff members who performed campaign work on the state’s dime over his many years as an employee of that caucus.”

CasablancaPa 22 December 2011:

“The Senate Republicans have paid $2.5 million for outside legal fees in the bonus investigation.No one has been subpoenaed, said Senate GOP spokesman Erik Arneson.” (Tribune-Review 9/13/11)

Everyone in Harrisburg knows that the Senate GOP was just as politically active using taxpayer resources as the other caucuses swept up in Corbett’s investigation. Yet, there has yet to be a single indictment in the Senate GOP, let alone an aggressive investigation. No subpoenaed witnesses? Not even Mike Long, the man who received the single largest amount of legislative bonus money (Tribune Review 2/1/07) or Drew Crompton, who raised eyebrows after receiving a $20,000 bonus for working months on Lynn Swann’s campaign in 2006 (Tribune Review 2/4/07)?” (emphasis added)

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