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Democrat Kathleen Kane for AG Part 3: Sandusky Investigation – Why a Nine Year Delay??

Kathleen Kane, independent of party leadership, a prosecutor not a politician

Penn State University Sandusky Investigation  Kathleen Kane and Buzz Bissinger interviewed by Michael Smerconish. Dead on observations by all three.  Video (12/19/2011)

Kathleen Kane has prosecuted over 3000 cases and  has tried hundreds of child sex abuse cases  (text and video ) and is sharply critical of former Attorney General Tom Corbett’s approach to the Jerry Sandusky case at Penn State, especially Corbett’s use of a grand jury. “I have never once used a grand jury to investigate a case of child sexual assault for one reason – it takes too long. Your first priority is to get a sexually violent predator off of the streets.”

Kane says had she been attorney general, the case would not have been delayed so long after knowledge of the first victim. READ MORE and Video CBS 2 Pittsburgh

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