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Democrat Kathleen Kane for AG Part 1: Primary 24 April 2012 – versus Democratic Establishement Endorsed Insider Patrick Murphy

                                                                                                     A PROSECUTOR, NOT A POLITICIAN

Independent of Party Leadership of Both Parties.

Kathleen Kane and Buzz Bissinger and Michael Smerconish on Hardball discussing Sandusky McQueary Paterno and the 9 year delay in arrest of Jerry Sandusky  for rape of  10 year old. Video 12/9/2011 6:40 minutes

There are series of 10  videos of Kathleen Kane on Jerry Sandusky .

There should be no doubt that Democratic endorsed candidate  Patrick Murphy, a former US Representative,  is a career politician looking at the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office as a stepping stone to higher office, like Governor.

Kathleen Kane appears to be independent of party leadership challenging the Democratic State Committee Establishment’s endorsement.

Given that the sole Republican endorsed nominee for Attorney General, Dave Freed, DA of Cumberland County, is so compromised because of his relationship with his father-in-law and financial and political backer, former Pennsylvania Republican Attorney General LeRoy Zimmerman, who is under investigation by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office, because there are many questions about a nine year delay from time of  the rape of a ten year to Jerry Sandusky’s arrest , and because of the failure to investigate Senate Bonusgate, we, the people, need to look at the Democratic candidates.

Pennsylvania Attorney General ( 7 November 2011): “A large part of this case revolves around the actions of Jerry Sandusky and the criminal charges that have been filed against him for the alleged sexual assaults he committed on eight young boys who were victimized over a period stretching from 1994 to 2009.

Jerry Sandusky Indictment by Pennsylvania Attorney General 5 November 2011

Jerry Sandusky Indictment by Pennsylvania Attorney General 7 December 2011

  Mike McQueary’s statements about what he saw in a shower in 1 March  2002

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