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Democrats and Union Republicans Compliantly Appease Government Unions and Kick the Fiscal Can Down the Road

The Pennsylvania General Assembly, Democrats and Union Republicans, like the Obama Administration and Congress,  Appease the Government Unions by Kicking a $27 BILLION DOLLAR Can Down the Road.


Act 120 0f 2010 HB 2497 The Votes:

House Fiscal Note

Senate Fiscal Note

J Sam Smith  and Mike Turzai Vote “nay”  J

PA Teacher Unions Endorse Reduced Pension Benefits, Deferring Contributions  JUNE 16, 2010  by NATHAN BENEFIELD

An amendment to the pension deferral bill in the Pennsylvania House would reduce the retirement benefits for new state and school employees, but would continue Gov. Rendell’s proposed deferment of pension costs. The legislation will now, on the whole, cost taxpayers a net increase of $27 billion in additional costs over 30 years. Further, the legislation still fails to provide pension reform.

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