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Justice Melvin, Senator Orie, Jannine Orie: Illegal methods

There are reasons to conclude that Justice Melvin herself, and almost certainly, her two campaign manager sisters, used illegal methods and taxpayer money to win election to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. READ MORE HERE AND HERE AND HERE  AND HERE  AND HERE AND THE GRAND JURY’S DETAILED PRESENTMENT AGAINST JANE ORIE AND JANINE ORIE HERE

    Senator Joan Orie and Janine Orie are on trial for illegally using taxpayer money to elect their sister, Jane Orie Melvin, to Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Justice Melvin has not been charged. Will she make a deal to resign to avoid seeing her sisters go to jail for 6 years like Mike Veon?
Ugarte is right: chaos is our friend, that is, the citizens’ friend. Chaos sets the stage for real reform.

FYI the Newt Gingrich South Carolina vote was a vote against the WallStreetWashington Elite Republican Establishment. The big loser was the Republican Establishment, all to the good, in my view.

Pennsylvania’s Elite (to be generous) Republican Establishment has not gotten the message to the point where not one, not one, Republican has expressed any opinion about an illegal campaign for highest Court in Penna. We expect House and Senate to do something like this but most of us, naively, thought this kind of behavior was off-limits to Supreme Court Justices.

Dave Freed-LeRoy Zimmerman for AG? What are these people thinking? I now understand the evolutionary purpose of Democrats: to expose Republican obtuseness.

And does it not scare you that Mike Veon is in jail for, at worst, misusing taxpayer money, not unknown in Harrisburg, and the Orie Gang taints the Supreme Court and only Casablancapa reminds of us this perfidy. “Equal Justice Under the Law” is a old fashioned, qaint perhaps, idea but there are sentimentalists who resonate to that simple American idea.

I am from MontCo where Ds shellacked the Republicans on 8 November 2011 and the Republicans, activists and rank and file, have not understood that they lost and that the lose was their self-absorbed incompetence and insensitivity to voters.

Thanks Ugarte for an informative and compelling post. All the best to you and Signor Ferrari.

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