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Unionists versus Jobs for Working People: Union Establishment Sells Out Workers

Unions Establishment Leadership and Obama Administration’s self-interest coalesce and workers and American citizens pay.

Washington Examiner Editorial 22 Jan 2012 makes the point that Union Establishment Leadership sells out Workers  because : “For every construction worker, pipefitter and welder who would benefit from Keystone XL, there are many more unionists who are siding with Big Green so they can stay in the good graces of the White House and get the goodies that will be dispensed in a second Obama term.”


Is “Green” good for the American worker who wants to work at a productive job?

AND American energy independence and productivity are challenged by not only China which made a recent deal for Brazilian Oil but also:

“The Chinese are also rapidly consolidating their status as Brazil’s preferred partner in developing the South American company’s rich offshore oil resources.”

“Then there is Cuba, which just this week saw the arrival off its northern coast of the Chinese-built Scarabeo 9 drilling rig. The Spanish energy giant Repsol will use the Scarabeo 9 to drill wells located about 70 miles off the Florida Keys in the Gulf of Mexico in waters claimed by Cuba. Repsol is working in a partnership with Norway’s Statoil and a unit of India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corp. The Scarabeo 9 will also be used by Malaysia’s Petronas, which has entered into a partnership with Russia’s Gazprom Neft to drill at least one Gulf well in the Cuban waters. Quite a contrast to the Obama policy of putting virtually all U.S. offshore waters off-limits for energy production.”

READ MORE at the Washington Examiner 22 January 2012

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